Sacred Valley of Pati ( National Parc of Chapada Diamantina - Bahia / Brasil)

7 Days of holistic residence
An invitation to connect to your own power, genious & talents

7 Days of holistic residence
An invitation to connect to your own power, genious & talents

We offer a space to live an experience of self-knowledge in nature, outdoors !
Our intention is to create a link between ART-LISTENING-CONNECTING

Due to the psychosomatic work, we enlarge our state of presence & connection with the wilderness. The body in movement, the poetic writing, the drawing and voice are support to reveal what is alive.
The performing act exist when body in movement, intuition and art encounter. We bring into play our matters of life.

Experimentation to live together in a creative & inventive way, self-consciousness, fun, performative, centered, in the process of life and art.
Art, in our everyday life, reinvents endlessly the creative proceedings.
Nature refreshes our links to spirituality ! In this context, creation is authentic & the healing of oneself reflects on the collective healing.

Activities : Dance–chants-meditations-poetic writings-colective creations-drawings-improvisations in nature-permaculture-conscious food-yoga-sensoriel ballads-exercises of compositions-Non Violent Communication-Mouvement Ritual (somatic practice) & Life/Art Process®

The Life/Art Process® (LAP) is a practice created by Anna Halprin, revolutionary of the Post-Modern dance in the U.S.
She has an holistic vision of contemporary dance. She creates links in her practice between dance, social comittement, political vision, psychology and ecology.
Anne H. assembles elements of her personal life into her art practice and comes back into her private life with the clear intention of "injecting" it into everyday life.
The LAP proposes a somatic and creative work. The use of voice, sketching, drawings, writting reveal the messages coming from the body, emotions, memories, as metaphors between art & life !

We are convinced of the power of art as a space of personnel & collective transformation process ! we consider performance as a psychomagical act : this precise act is putting on stage, on air, what is our deep desire to transform. It’s a place that will enable to reveal the invisible, offer it to life itself and then to the audience !

We offer a space to gather, assemble, dare, create, listen, dare more, plant seeds of madness, collaborate, and then come back with the luggage filled with different artistic tools to bring into our life.
The process of Life/Art gathers " being" and "nature", it enlarges the state of presence. It offers the possibility to be "in life" & into art in the same breath .

Facilitated by Marie Close
Multidisciplinarry artist from the Dance Company Eau-dela dance. Her artistic researches connects sociological & spiritual themes. She creates bridge between different practice and cultures. She creates from the inspiration of her travels around the world. She has a degree in Social Communication at IHECS School. She started to reveal the world through the art with photography. She collaborated with different social Art project creating shows and workshops. Gratuated in the Tamalpa Institute of Anna Halpin in Life/Art Process® (2014), Yoga Thai Massage (2016), Theta Healing (2017), Improvisation & Performance (2009-2015), Laban et Bartenieff (2006-2010), Reiki (2009). Marie is using those practice to anchor her work as a performer, teacher and in therapy with patients. She has created shows and performances, happenings for theaters, museums, and public space in the open air. Out of many : De mainS, Entre les mailles du fil et…, WHEN I SEE GREEN.

Co-created with Julia Limaverde
Artist & producer, she executes performances as a live infiltration into urban places and with interaction with nature itself, in improvised dance numbers and happenings. She creates every month "AME VIVA", every year the Encounter in the Mountains of Chapada Diamentina de Capao and the "Biennal ManiFestival of arts ".

Price :
R$ 990,00

*** More Infos: julialimaverde