18 - 23 juillet 2016 - La Nave - IBIZA


"Travelling as listening to our own vibration to hear what we speak to the world. Wild nature, the wind, the sea, the fertile earth. Revealing our bodies in this co-creating with nature. Vibration, gestures, sensations and traces….posing an artistic statement”.

I am offering a Life/Art Process® practice with the desire to enter in the artistic process. “In one person”, a novel by John Irving, inspired me to bring to light the multiple aspects that animate us. Over 5 days we will gather a collection of feelings and experiences as source material for a culminating performance in the surrounding landscape. Through relating our research in the studio with dancing in the powerful outdoor rawness of Ibiza we will discover new-found breath in our investigations.

Solo or collectively, we will dig into the domain of our characters. The body improvises dance and invites to drawing, singing, writing, image and sound creation guiding our exploration towards the construction of a form.

At the end of the practice, witnessing each other, we will open a space-time to give life to our rituals-performances.

Life/Art Process® is bringing our lives into art and departs again with new perspectives to put art into our lives. Anna Halprin, Californian pioneer of postmodern dance, has developed a tool that supports the invention of art and daily life, a way to continuously refresh our creativity. Life/Art Process® is connecting human being to nature. It studies the anatomy as an anchor point in order to observe the messages of the body in movement and to develop its metaphors.

Creativity and imagination serve as resources for an authentic and wild expression. We deploy different ways of being and commit ourselves to art, encouraging a generous presence on the scene.

Since I started practicing Life/Art Process®, I am fascinated by the power of art in my life. I am marveled by the power of nature in my artistic research. Ibiza is an inexhaustible source of inspiration in this field. It is the combination of these two ingredients that I wish to share during these 5 days.