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Dance and theatre performance for very young children (2 to 6) without words.

What is inside my hand ? What if it was precious ? Secret ? Delicious or scary ?
My hands can touch, discover and transform.
They connect me to the space around me.
They reflect the invisible inner world. They trace, taste, invite.
Hands create gestures, movements. They allow the dance to be born, where it is not expected. Hands transform the body. The body invents the dance and the dance transforms the world.
When every day gestures become poetic, they bring new emotions and sensations, sometimes strange, suprising, both funny and sweet.
  • Script and interpretation : Marie Close
  • Assistant Director : Ana Stegnar
  • Choreography : Aude Cartoux
  • Lighting : Nicolas Marty
  • Sound : Nicolas Arnould, François Lourtie et Boris Magdalenc
  • Production : Nicolas Marty / Clément Papin
  • Costumes : Britt Angé

Many thanks to Caroline Cornélis, Sarah Antoine, Charlotte Bernard, Charlotte Fallon, Martin Staes Polet, Céline Verdan - Fleur de Poil.

This show was in residence in those theaters:

Cultural Center Jacques Franck, Wolubilis, Theatre la Montagne Magique, Centre Culturel de Forest BRASS, La Roseraie. Created with the help of Pierre de Lune, Theatre de la Guimbarde and la Cie Félicette Chazerand, in Brussels, Belgium.

Supported by

Service de la Danse de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Direction générale de la Culture, Service Général des Arts de la Scène en Belgique et de Small Size, big citizens – Widening of the European Network for the diffusion of the performing arts for early years.

This information is provided by its author and does not implicate the European Commission. The commission is not responsible for the use of this information.

« From now on, the noblest and highest performance humanity can achieve will be to respond to its vital needs in the simplest and most sustainable way possible. To garden in one’s own back yard, to be creative in an autonomous way will be considered a political act, a legitimate act of resistance to the dependance and enslavement of the human being. »
PIERRE RABHI, Farmer, Writer, French philosopher from Algeria
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