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(Between the links of thread...)
Entre les mailles du fil et... is a show that speaks of connections, to the self, to others and to the world... connections that we have to constantly re-create.

There are three dancers : 1 plus 1 plus 1. And with three people, there are even more connections ! They explore the space that unfolds between them, liberate them in their little inner world, and the wide world around them. It is nice to tame yourself and to enjoy a pastry with coffee on the big town square in Bruxelles.

This show of contemporary classical dance is created and narrated by Marie Close, Régine Demey,Virginie Verdier. Œil extérieur : Aude Cartoux.

The short twenty minutes version came out between improvisation, choreography and script writing.

This project based on the theme of visible and invisible links (connections) was performed in June in six cities near Brussels (Belgium) in front of children, adolescents and elders.

Following this, it was shown at le Festival Danse ta ville ! On June 20 juin 2014 at the Parc d’Egmont. People from six different cities met, in a magical place, after dancing. Musicians, photographers were part of this festive day.

Our Partners :

Centre de jour Atoll, l’école JJ Michel de Saint-Gilles, l’institut des Soeurs de notre-Dame d’Anderlecht, l’école n°6 de Schaerbeek, le Collectif alpha de Forest, l’asbl Cirqu’conflexe.

This project was made possible with the support of Région Bruxelles-Capitale.

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