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Our company Eau-delà danse was born in 2013 to share the pleasure of dancing, explore the movements of life, like the flow of water ….
We consider dance as an agent of change for individuals. We see people being transformed by dance. The dancing body reflects our being and our soul, and helps us be in touch with the pleasure of being alive.

Eau-delà danse means the water inside the body and in the nature that purify and flow. It is the source that moves us and help us to transform our life with fluidity.

The company specializes in creating shows and contemporary dance workshops for children. It allows children to explore our art vision in the world. Also we get inspired by the childrens experiments during the workshops, they enrich our research for the shows with their imagination.

When children are educated in dance from the youngest age, they develop a certain sensibility and imaginary perceptions, something quite essential for their development. When children trust their sensations, they will act in accordance with their inner guidance instead of acting from other’s expectations. Dance is used as a tool to experiment time and space, to invente and enrich a relation with self and others. Children discover a space of freedom, where creation and movements give them confidence. It is a way for them to connect to their deeper self.

During the historical period of Renaissance, dance was already practiced for health reasons. It allowed people to alter their mood and mental states and to transform their body. So let’s dance together !

« It is important for me to feel that I can always discover new things and transform myself. Our identity fluctuate with time. »
SIDI LARBI CHERKAOUI, belgian choreographer
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